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Now using the most advanced rust proofing available. Truly the next generation of rust proofing product!! Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
Serving: Baldwin - Black River Falls - Chippewa Falls - Eau Claire - La Crosse - Minneapolis - Tomah - Thorp - Rice Lake - Rochestor - St. Paul - Wausau and more!

Why Rust Proofing?

Skyrocketing car and truck prices have us keeping our vehicles longer than ever. Whether your car is new or used, one thing that will diminish it’s value over time is rust. Rusted out body panels are the most visible and obvious sign of rust. When that happens you have two choices. Live with the the impact of significantly lower resale value, or have expensive repairs done. A less obvious cost of rust is lurking underneath. Dealing with rusted bolts, nuts, and suspension components will cost your significantly more in labor charges when having work done than those that are routinely rust proofed. Rust and corrosion impact more than just your vehicles appearance. Rust proofing (also commonly called undercoating) is a process where rust inhibiting coatings are applied to the body panels and underbody of your vehicle.¬† They provide lasting protection when applied properly on a routine basis. Our rust proofing services come with a Certificate of Rust Proofing Treatment.

Learn about our comprehensive rust proofing rust proofing¬†process and contact us today to schedule protection. Our service area is anywhere within a 1.5 hour radius of downtown Chippewa Falls. Appointments outside the service area are possible, but dependent on availability and will incur a trip charge. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask.

I started Rust Proofers because I have a passion for keeping vehicles in the best condition possible. I am a proud resident of Chippewa Falls and believe in giving back to the community. If you are a local non-profit or do public service work, feel free to contact Rust Proofers about free rust proofing for your vehicles.

Did you know that summertime is when vehicles rust the most?

It’s true. The endless cycles of heating and cooling cause constant condensation cycles to occur throughout the vehicle. Many people like to wait until right before winter to have their vehicle treated. While that is completely understandable, it can be a bit misguided. It turns out that most of the rust if forming exactly when you think it would be the safest from rust. Stop rust from starting, or slow it down today!


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